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Londonist Mapped

Finest Years: Churchill as Warlord 1940–45

Pre-eminent military historian Max Hastings presents Winston Churchill as he has never been seen before. Winston Churchill was the greatest war leader Britain ever had. In 1940, the nation rallied behind him in an extraordinary fashion. But thereafter, argues...

Martin Luther: Catholic Dissident

The Best of American Heritage: Vietnam War

Here, acclaimed American historians – among them, Douglas Brinkley, Stanley Karnow, Harry Summers, Victor Davis Hanson, and Max Boot – tell the dramatic story of America’s war in Vietnam. It’s all here – from the first American deaths in Vietnam and...

My Life, Our Times

American Heritage History of Mexico

“Remarkably well balanced and sound . . . “– The New Republic Here, from award-winning historian Henry Bamford Parkes and the editors of American Heritage, is the dramatic story of Mexico – from the Aztecs, Maya, and other ancient...

SAS Ghost Patrol: The Ultra-Secret Unit That Posed As Nazi Stormtroopers

The GCHQ Puzzle Book

Scotland: A History from Earliest Times

‘Alistair Moffat’s Bannockburn is a pacy account of the days leading up to the battle’ – Saturday Herald ‘A carefully considered account of a well-trodden historical event, Moffat enlightens and educates with an up-to-date interpretation of a battle firmly...

Stalin, Vol. II: Waiting for Hitler, 1928–1941